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CBD Delivery: Bringing CBD Products to Your Doorstep.

Updated: May 10, 2022

With the industry currently experiencing significant growth, customers looking to buy CBD oil are finding it easier than ever. With the ubiquity of CBD stores and brands online, customers are able to purchase their desired products through minimal effort, in the form of online shopping.

In this emerging digital marketplace, an added benefit has materialized: the ability to have CBD oil delivered right to your door.

Increasingly, CBD shoppers are opting for the luxury of being able to research and purchase items in the privacy of their own home, and at their own leisure. During the height of the pandemic, the online marketplace skyrocketed. In 2020 alone, 52 percent of CBD customers reportedly made the decision to conduct their shopping.

A growing number of those customers have begun to see the benefit in having CBD delivered, especially at a time where gas prices are quickly rising, leading many people to cut down on travelling by car when possible.

Furthermore, the list of diseases, disorders and ailments that CBD is reported to treat is considerable, and it would be safe to assume that not every patient is equipped with the mobility to shop in-person.

In Arizona, many shops and dispensaries throughout the state have streamlined access to CBD, making it easy for many to get their hands on the product, with delivery options representing a new level of simplicity for the consumer.

In addition to a number of individual storefronts offering delivery, there are third-party companies, such as Leafly, Weedmaps and MedMen, which also provide options for CBD delivery through the use of their apps. While you may be familiar with these companies as cannabis delivery services, they have also made CBD oil accessible to a large contingent of people who might have previously encountered difficulty in obtaining their desired items.

The increase in prevalence and availability of CBD has been a welcome development, one that arrives on the heels of the legalization of cannabis in Arizona and many states across the country. Currently, there are 18 states that have legalized the use of recreational cannabis, while 38 states allow its use for medical use.

Unfortunately, even with the increased access to CBD, there are still instances in which it can be difficult to obtain the product, and there are so-called service deserts where delivery in particular is still unavailable.

Given the trajectory of the market, however, it’s possible to envision a point in the near future wherein every patient, regardless of location, will live in a service area for CBD delivery. Eventually, consumers nationwide will be able to simply type “CBD near me” into their preferred search engine and instantly access the shop or product they desire.

The importance of this availability cannot be overstated.

At a time when progress is being made with regard to inclusion and accessibility within the burgeoning CBD industry, the degree to which this effort will ultimately be successful is dependent upon how much freedom is afforded to the most vulnerable within our society.

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